What is My Asset Passport?

My Asset Passport is a smart way of managing all documentation and records relating to your company assets, whether plant, tools or any kind of equipment and providing you with instant access anywhere, anytime.

Each asset is given a smart tag , label or ID card which can be scanned to provide access to relevant documents and records by simply scanning using a smartphone or scanner and giving read only access to the records.

Need to restrict access? No problem assets can be set to require an additional security  PIN before access to data is made available to ensure asset information is provided to those who need access.

Supported by an intelligent management system, you to track and manage important documents, both current and historic, and receive automatic reminders to alert relevant personnel when actions are required for servicing, calibration, insurance etc.

A wide range of reports is also available which can be tailored to ensure you get all the information required on an asset or fleet when you need it.


  • All certification current and historic available for download/printing
  • Access manuals and media relating to the asset
  • Assign and log equipment to specific sites or personnel
  • Automatic reminders and alerts for equipment



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